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Jul 19th 2016
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Neo-grotesque Sans Serif mixed with the classical handwritten Script in slanted geometric shapes – that’s the way Mixa was born.
Those two faces of the new font family makes it as much as unique and recognizable. When you’re using the Capitals only nobody will suspect that there is script hidden in the lowercase.
That’s why all eight weights can be combined perfectly with wide list of classical Sans Serif, Slab Serif and Serif typefaces.
The font offers wide range of ligatures to ensure smooth readability and beautiful letter combinations. The decorative swashes in some of the Capitals presented as a stylistic sets give unique touch in any design.
Mixa has it’s own style and personality, but without lacking of legibility.


Designed by Ani Petrova, Fontfabric

Mixa_01 Mixa_03 Mixa_04 Mixa_05 Mixa_06 Mixa_07 Mixa_08 Mixa_09 Mixa_10 Mixa_11 Mixa_12 Mixa_13 Mixa_14


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