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Portal free font

Jul 16th 2009

Description: Portal font is applicable for any type of graphic design – web, print, motion graphics etc and perfect for t-shirts and other items like logos, pictograms.

Format: Opentype (.otf) Compatible: PC & Mac Details: 32 Character Set, Manual Kerning, Tracking / Pairs Price: Free

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With your donation we’ll be able to spend more time to improve and update our free fonts. We can add more characters, more languages like – polish, czech, hungarian, romanian etc. We appreciate every cent! Thank you for your support & contribution!

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38 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    Very unique, love it!

  2. emor says:

    very nice!

  3. so excellent nice 🙂
    thanks for your share this FREE font !

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  6. Alexander says:

    another great release, nice one!

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  9. mediumstudio says:

    oh my – thanks for such a killer font!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing work

  10. andra says:

    thank you 4 this sweet typeface!!!:))))))

  11. John Torres says:

    Great work. I love it. Thanks!

  12. albertonomo says:

    I’m using it in my twitter profile (@albertonomo) already! thanks! love it!

  13. steven says:

    thanks for all the fonts! really useful.

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  15. Maria says:

    Great as always!!!

  16. adesigner says:

    Excellent! Am going to use it in section separators on a print brochure.

  17. koonTEE says:

    Good Fonts…..

  18. s says:

    Good! thank u

  19. rardita says:

    great font… thank you

  20. Esteban says:

    I love your fonts, you are a good designer 😉

  21. AARON says:

    muy buena =))

  22. Grün Weiss says:

    greazy font, nothing for my eyes

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  24. cj says:

    This why you’re hot, this is y, this is y, your hot….and i’m not…..

    it’s a song suitable for you guys!!!!!

  25. michael says:

    ilikke this font… fantastic

  26. Vijay Parekh says:

    very Creative

  27. tikatea says:

    thanku so much, great work 😀

  28. Phil says:

    awesome font, thanks!
    first image made me trip out for a second! 😀

  29. ali says:

    so goooooood.

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