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GOTA Free Font

Dec 7th 2010

GotaFree font is applicable for any type of graphic design – web, print, motion graphics etc and perfect for t-shirts and other items like posters, logos.

Languages: Afrikaans, Alsatian, Basque, Bislama, Breton, Catalan, Chamorro, Danish, Dutch, English, Faroese, Finnish, Flemish, Franco-Provencal, French, Frisian, Friulian, Galician, German, Greenlandic, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Ladin, Latin, Luxembourgish, Malay, Manx Gaelic, Norwegian (Bokmål), Norwegian (Nynorsk), Occitan, Portuguese, Rhaeto-Romance, Romansh, Sami (Inari), Sami (Lule), Sami (Northern), Sami (Skolt), Sami (Southern), Scottish Gaelic, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tagalog, Walloon, Welsh

Format: Opentype (.otf) Compatible: PC & Mac Details: 162 Character Set, Manual Kerning, Tracking / Pairs  Price: Free



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With your donation we’ll be able to spend more time to improve and update our free fonts. We can add more characters, more languages like – polish, czech, hungarian, romanian etc. We appreciate every cent! Thank you for your support & contribution!

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92 Responses

  1. Julie McLeod says:

    Thank you but the download link seems incorrect. It gives me the download for “Hero”…

  2. sueb says:

    oops… link is downloading HERO, not Gota…

  3. leanne says:

    awesome – thanks v much xx

  4. admin says:

    You can try to download Gota again, .zip file was fixed.
    Thank you!

  5. Luis says:

    I think the Ultra Black works much better than the ultra light version.

  6. pakaworld says:

    awesome. i just love this.

  7. admin says:

    Agree with you, Luis 🙂

  8. Jordan says:

    There is no ampersand, that is the best character in the whole alphabet

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  11. Gotta have it for my fat designs…Thanks much!!!

  12. Tharanga says:

    Thank you so much.! Great work!!!

  13. ssamsix says:

    Thank you. I like this font!

  14. PAul // says:

    Nice work … again ^-^

  15. Very Lovely Font, I’ll surely use it in my designs. 🙂 Truly adorable

  16. eyal baumert says:

    simple style and a very clever structure. nice 🙂

  17. Light version is damn sexy.

  18. dwayne says:

    Very cool Font ! 🙂

  19. lucho says:


  20. Ivan Tsankov says:

    Looks tight and designy. Will try it out.

    Thanks for sharing!

  21. qb says:

    I am a chinese designer , i like this font .
    Thanks for your sharing

  22. Dzinepress says:

    creative listing. thanks

  23. min says:

    Thanks for sharing awesome font!
    from Korea

  24. Ashish says:

    Really superb font.
    looks gr8, I will use this in logo design and may be in titles of the websites…

  25. Vasil Tonev says:

    Як! 🙂
    Благодаря ти! Би ми се искало повече от твоите шрифтове да имат кирилски букви 😛 Знам, че са дяволски трудни. Поздрави.

  26. admin says:

    Благодаря! Ще правя и кирилски. Не са трудни, но си искат време.

  27. eika says:

    magnifique ! so elegant and sexy ! thank you so much !

  28. MU says:

    It is wonderful!!
    It served as a reference.!

  29. john says:

    Thanks i really like it

  30. Designmatic says:

    Thanks very much – much appreciated

  31. chinna says:

    its very good – thank you so much

  32. Marvin says:

    Впечатляващо !
    Но … да не би да мразиш кирилицата, и то българската.
    Да, знаем че латинската азбука е по-”сговорчива” и удобна за правене.
    Бъди патриот и поднеси безплатните си щрифтове подплатени с кирилските букви.
    Ще зарадваш многобройните си и бедни български колеги “дизайнери”. 🙂
    Странно защо няма българско участие в конкурсите за разработване на кирилски щрифтове. Само руснаците ли разбират от кирилица ?

  33. Weber says:

    Reminds me of my final graphics project at uni, very similar, lovely type face to be using.

  34. momo says:

    so cute! thanks:)

  35. 양성준 says:

    이쁜 글꼴 잘 쓰겠습니다/행운이 가득하시길..

  36. Simon says:

    Great font for inserting images within it. Very effective as you have demostrated with the first picture. Must try this on photoshop.

  37. This font takes a bit of concentration to read. It might be good for getting and maintaining someone’s attention.

  38. Q100 says:

    This is certainly the type of font to be using in titles, as it is so bold. The example given shows this well. I would also find it hard to read if in body text. But I suppose in typography its all about choosing the right font for the right job.

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