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Lovelo font

Jan 30th 2013

Lovelo free font is remake of the original Lovelo Inlinedesigned by Renzler Design, Vienna, Austria.

Check their Behance profile:



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94 Responses

  1. Adi Ulici says:

    As always, a great font.

    Thank you

  2. Ian says:

    Wow! jsut wow. Really nice work

  3. Gorgeous work. I’m in awe.

  4. Zoé says:

    Yep really nice font, love it ! Thanks !

  5. Ruben says:

    Very well done! Thank you

  6. SPINX Inc. says:

    These are nice fonts. By using this font in the banner, designer can make a creative banner for website.

  7. Fab says:

    Excellent !!!

  8. Guillaume says:

    I love it !! Thanks 🙂

  9. BallsOfSteel says:

    Hey! Awesome font. Appreciate that you make it free. Thanks! 🙂

  10. Ashley says:

    lovely work, thanks so much

  11. Anadanse says:

    Thanks excellent work!!

  12. Shridevi says:

    Lovely work. Thank you 🙂

  13. Alexey says:

    Very nice font. Thank you.

  14. Logan says:


    Great work and thank you.

  15. Mark says:

    Beautifully done and versatile. I’m trying it for a project today. Thanks very much.

  16. Rahul thial says:

    awesome work , very nice fonts , thank you for sharing 🙂

  17. Odrareg says:

    Great work! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Scott Wojan says:

    AWESOME!!!! Thank you!!!!

  19. Tunde says:

    Thanks for the font!

  20. Artem says:

    But bad news — there is no cyrillic

  21. D. Bloemen says:

    Lovely font and it’s free too! thanks a lot!

  22. Darnell says:

    Great font, donated a couple bucks your way so that you can continue to provide more awesome stuff! :^)

  23. awoesome thanxs for the information

  24. Raymond says:


    I love your fonts I would love to see this particular font in different weights and lowercase as well. Do you know if the original designer or you would be able to create a full set for licensing? I love the design. Thanks.

  25. Pedro says:

    Thanks for the font! Goog job!

  26. Alliv Samson says:

    Thank you for the beautiful font!

  27. Ramakrishna says:

    thanks for this amazing great font

  28. Maciej says:


  29. sy young says:

    lovely font ! thank you~

  30. flandangan says:

    Great font, thanks!

  31. Derek Kimball says:

    Cool looking font. There doesn’t appear to be a mention of whether or not these can be used for client work (commercial projects). Can you please verify. Thank you 🙂

  32. jose says:

    thanks for free of charge,, GREAT ART!

  33. Russ says:

    Lovely Lovelo! Thanks

  34. Tina says:

    Absolutely fantastic, love your work!!

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  36. Alex banman says:

    Just beautiful. Thanks for this!

  37. Greg Alder says:

    Love all of these, but especially Line Light.

  38. Jordan says:

    love this. Many thanks 🙂

  39. Gerson says:

    Great work!

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  41. Sven Kohl says:

    Great, thank you.

  42. Ognjen says:

    Thank you very much

  43. mkmk says:

    that’s what I need! thx

  44. vignesh says:

    Excellent font 🙂

  45. raj lakra says:

    thanks for the great font 🙂

  46. Sase Antic says:

    Lovely font. Thank you!

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