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Multicolore Free Fonts

Nov 6th 2012

Fontfabric type foundry presents Multicolore Free Fonts – unique colored rounded free fonts!

With Multicolore font you can easily create short texts for headlines, posters or whatever. Or simply stack few characters to create some random art!
Inspired from Mohawk Paper logo.

Available in .otf font format (black & white ver.) / .eps and .ai vector formats (colored ver.)

Designed by Ivan Filipov, Bulgaria | Portfolio link




To open this file you need at Adobe Illustrator CS3 or better. To easily change the color of any of the color segments : from Window Menu choose Swatches. Then in the Swatches palette change the color of the main color swatches by double-clicking the desired swatch.

Open the Layers Pallette and make Dotted and Inline layers visible for additional effects

.OTF file also available!


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145 Responses

  1. Olivier says:

    Oh yeah! It’s amazing!


  2. phor says:

    Thank you!

  3. Javier says:

    Grate! Very interesting work.
    Are you interesting in my CV
    ; P

  4. Dileny says:

    Nice job, thanks!

  5. Hosting Help says:

    Nice font, Thanks for sharing.

  6. florence says:

    amazing!! Thank you so much!!

  7. Somya says:

    Killer font! Colors are my life! Amazin font man!

  8. Amazing font, this would have been perfect for a project I completed recently!

  9. Dalibor Černocký says:

    Really beautiful font. Good fonts, like multicolor, are few. Thank’s.

  10. fmw says:

    Very cheerful and I love it.

  11. barry says:

    Sooooooooo beautiful

  12. olaff says:

    Que hermosa combinación de colores…gracias

  13. Travis says:

    wow! nice font! thanks for sharing!

  14. Martin Culy says:

    Dotted version looks like Marek Pistora’s Merkur font 🙂 but I mean this is origin too. Good work!

  15. Mr.youn says:




  16. foo says:

    nice thank you….

  17. prrashi says:

    this is awesome stuff, thank you very much

  18. sky says:

    Hello, I can’t get it in color. how do i do it?

  19. Alex says:

    Work done creatively, super result! Bravos!

  20. peperlupe says:

    love it !!!!!!

  21. Guy says:

    Very innovative font. I think this will figure into one of my re-designs.

  22. Nice, great font. Love the colors!

  23. Jinkers says:

    Fabulous font! Will love using this.

  24. 16 September says:


  25. Krystal says:

    🙁 It wont work for me. I have CS 5.5 help?

  26. Koka says:

    HI need to check how this multicolor effect came…
    kindly show me to technique of useing multicolor type for poster design..

  27. Núria says:

    really lovely!
    thanks a lot!

  28. bea says:

    beautiful, , thank you very much

  29. Joris says:

    Very nice font! Question: how do I use this font in Illustrator? I can open the whole document. But I’m stuck at moving the letters around to create words – I’m pretty sure this isn’t the most logical way of making posters and such.

    How can I create text using this font..using the text-tool? Right now I’m just moving letters around and duplicating them…

    Please someone help me out. Would love to use this font in future projects.

  30. Dawson says:

    Simply Mind Blowing! Never imagined a multi-color font. Really good job! Keep it up.

  31. Amit says:

    Just in one word “awesome”

    Loved the fonts, specially the rounded numbers.

  32. Grate! Very interesting work 🙂

  33. Su Hall says:

    This is awesome! I even like the plain font! Thank you so much!


  34. Kumaresh says:

    Nice font. But how to get that multicolor effect..?. I am using in Photoshop.

  35. Hadis says:

    really nice!

  36. ArmanDev says:

    it doesn’t work. it comes in just one color

  37. Viki Kamenov says:

    Great!Thank you!Congrats!

  38. Abhijit says:

    Amazing! Congrats!!

  39. lidija says:

    First time here and I just LOVE the design of a font fabric webpage! Fonts are beautiful too of course : )

  40. Ali says:

    Lovely fonts

  41. dr. motte says:

    nicely done font and we spread it on pinterest too 🙂

  42. Ivan Filipov says:

    First of all, thanks to everyone for your positive feedback. Second, to all of you not that proficient with fonts – Multicolore is actually divided into 2 files – one monochromatic font that is install-able on your PC or Mac, allowing you to use it in every application. The EPS/AI color version is a file that you can open only with Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW, and the only way to “type” text in it is by manually copying and moving the letters. The today’s technologies still are not allowing the programs to use fonts in more than one color.

    Thanks for the understanding.

  43. mason says:

    yes, I can not get it in color. Is this a Mac-only problem?

  44. Santdemoniak says:

    Omg! Nice collection! Thanks for share this work art!

  45. kim says:

    oh my. this makes me very happy. can’t WAIT to play with this!

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