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Multicolore Free Fonts

Nov 6th 2012

Fontfabric type foundry presents Multicolore Free Fonts – unique colored rounded free fonts!

With Multicolore font you can easily create short texts for headlines, posters or whatever. Or simply stack few characters to create some random art!
Inspired from Mohawk Paper logo.

Available in .otf font format (black & white ver.) / .eps and .ai vector formats (colored ver.)

Designed by Ivan Filipov, Bulgaria | Portfolio link




To open this file you need at Adobe Illustrator CS3 or better. To easily change the color of any of the color segments : from Window Menu choose Swatches. Then in the Swatches palette change the color of the main color swatches by double-clicking the desired swatch.

Open the Layers Pallette and make Dotted and Inline layers visible for additional effects

.OTF file also available!


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145 Responses

  1. Great Font, Great Site.

  2. Enrico says:

    super cool font! amazing!

  3. Goran says:

    Beautiful. What about licensing? Is it free for commercial use?

  4. Good! Can I Suggest Anime Fonts ?? 🙂

  5. Tino Cordes says:

    Very nice and some good examples of how it should be used 🙂

  6. Vivek Chaturvedi says:

    Nice Color Fonts

  7. peggy bostic says:

    Just wonderful color!!

  8. peggy bostic says:

    Would love to use this font???

  9. Lexi says:

    When you download it, it doesn’t come with the colours or inner decoration?!

  10. Honey Arya says:

    Wow it’s beautiful font. Such a gorgeous look of font. Really lovely collection of color. This is very helpful to every web designer they take idea to this font how to create unique font. Thanks you very much to sharing with us. i will always keep it up this link. Thanks

  11. Denniel says:

    How?? Help me please :'(

  12. Pavan Somu says:

    It is really superb and awesome..

  13. Pedro says:

    Wonderful font!

  14. Siva says:

    Is this work only on Adobe Illustrator? Can i use this on some other programs like word ?

  15. Saltire says:

    Lovely work. Thanks for sharing

  16. Eman says:

    Amazing font.All is awesome.

  17. Caroline says:

    I had the same problem as Lexi – when I downloaded, it just became black letters… Could you perhaps give instructions? I am using Adobe PS 6 / Mac / Mountain Lion / 10.8.1

  18. Thanks for sharing such an awesome fonts….

  19. Blake says:

    Is this available for a commercial license or personal only?

  20. bhaskar says:

    Super And Nice fonts

  21. Ivonne says:

    OMG it has colors! 😀 thank you so much

  22. Flor says:

    Beautiful typography!! The colors we have are great …. Inspire to continue dreaming and loving letterpress. Thanks

  23. LinuxGeek says:

    Will include it in my logo!!

  24. rita says:

    i always end up in awe when i come to your site. you are amazing! thank you for sharing such wonderful inspiration and creations 🙂

  25. Keily says:

    wow! a rainbow fonts! Very beautiful!!

  26. admin says:

    Hi @Caroline,

    The .OTF font file format didn’t support colors for now, only black shapes.
    To use the font in colors just use the .AI or .EPS file formats..


  27. arielko says:

    absolutely beautiful. and thanks!

  28. Armando Lagos says:

    Thanks. Excelente fuente. Gracias.

  29. Alexander says:

    Great colourfull font.

  30. pratik says:

    .eps and .ai vector formats are not getting installed on windows 7.
    Could you please help me !!

  31. F van Brakel says:

    Can a use it commercial in a logo design

  32. Ganel Severino says:

    Great font.

    Thanks for sharing

  33. runtaro says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this nice font.

  34. runtaro says:

    very very beautiful font. Big thanks

  35. pooja says:

    thanks for sharing, beautiful font..

  36. Jira says:

    Thank you so much!

  37. PopArt says:

    This designer has a really high quality work. I looked at his portfolio. Another in a series quality works.

  38. michael broad says:

    great fun styled font, well executed.

  39. yj says:

    Thank you so much!

  40. Mandie says:

    Thank you – is this free to use in print and online?

  41. Alfred says:

    From the Fontfabric™ Free Font EULA (included in the download):

    “This font is freeware. You can use it freely for all your personal and commercial work.”

    “Embedding this font in a PDF document is allowed.”

    “Embedding this font in a web page with a @font-face declaration is allowed once you credit Fontfabric ( with a link somewhere on your site.”

  42. Mahendhar says:

    Hello. I am new to photoshop,can anyone please tell how to install .eps or .ai font files and use them?

  43. April says:

    Please, everyone, read the directions. They are JUST above the green button you hit to download the file. Open the .ai or .eps file IN Adobe Illustrator. Open Illustrator and click open, then search for the files in the folder you downloaded. Click them, Illustrator will open them, and then you can play with the shapes. The colored version is not a dead font. It’s an interactive ai file.

    (Big Thanks to the creator – very beautiful and fun font!)

  44. Ingrid says:

    Are these fonts cool?! I want to know!

  45. Adrian Mak says:

    Awesome font – Thank you 🙂

  46. Mary Ann says:

    This is awesome — thank you!!!

  47. Quézia says:

    Fonte muito linda! Adorei!

  48. Seth Wallis says:

    unable to change the colour, using illustrator cc


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