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Prime free font

Nov 19th 2012

Fontfabric type foundry presents Prime free font – unique sans serif techy fonts!

Prime is a simple typeface with a techy feel and a strict, geometric origin. I wanted to create something that offers great readability in various sizes yet still offers enough subtle differences to stand out. Basic and somewhat neutral, it can be used in a variety of ways from distinct titles to body text.  – Max Pirsky

Designed by Max Pirsky | Portfolio link






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164 Responses

  1. Britt Ashcraft says:

    This is a great font. are there restrictions on professional or commercial use?

  2. agostinho says:

    Great fonte!! Thanks bro.

  3. .U. says:

    Super job
    merciiiiiii pout le sharing
    best regards

  4. patrick says:

    how do i use it for a webfont? cheers

  5. Jotaga says:


  6. hey there says:

    i can’t use it in word doc..(it’s mac book) so how? cheers

  7. johan says:

    Is this font really free for commercial use?

  8. Bekim says:

    There is no character Č 🙂 otherwise it is great font

  9. […] Prime. This is a good font with a high-tech sci-fi feel that will pretty much instantly communicate that your book is science-like things. […]

  10. runtaro says:

    Great work

  11. e11world says:

    Very nice demonstrations of the font. Love it!

  12. Arerifx says:

    great font,thanks..what a wonderful work

  13. soojeong says:

    great font!!! Thank u~

  14. Kevin says:

    Thank you Max & Prime, very nice font, thank you. Will respect your requirements for use of this font. Take Care.

  15. Eldy says:

    Fontfabric looks like a good lovely font though. How to find it Max? I dont see any download option out there in your post

  16. kanica says:

    Prime font is my favorite font. I always use in nearly all my money sites. thanks for sharing!

  17. Wow awesome font..
    Thank’s for share your font..

  18. James says:

    How do I make that 3D glass looking text, please do tell

  19. Peter Ullrich says:

    Einfach Genial. Du bist mein Held. Ich will mehr von dir sehen. Sage uns allen die URL von deiner Webseite.

  20. Sonu Sam says:

    I like this font. I always use this font with my blog and website . It really great . Thank for sharing .

  21. Chenda Lee says:

    really awesome font even it is free!!

  22. JValenzuela says:

    Thanks your for this font is awesome!

  23. JValenzuela says:

    Thanks you for this font is awesome!

  24. Great looking font! I like this font. so nice!

  25. My Profile says:

    Hey Guy! fantastic job with this font! really nice

  26. Jonathan says:

    It look like 3D font, it is grate with interesting color.

  27. Chaserey says:

    Very great fonts. Thanks for sharing free .

  28. Donna says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your great font!

  29. Donald says:

    Looks fantastic. Especially for a nice techy website

  30. Fellowes says:

    go perfect point source, great for the web!

  31. Andrew says:

    really awesome…Great fonte

  32. reasey says:

    This article is genuinely a fastidious one it helps new web people, who are wishing for blogging.

  33. Julia says:

    really nice font !!! thanks for sharing

  34. Wendy4ever says:

    I like this font very much. Thanks for sharing.

  35. singha tan says:

    nice font !!! but how can i get that font??

  36. top5best says:

    Looks fantastic. Especially for a nice techy website

  37. Dara Vuth says:

    Thanks this great info. I really love Prime font so much. it really look good because It look like 3D font, it is grate with interesting color.

  38. eunmin baek says:

    nice font! Thanks for sharing free.

  39. Koemsie Ly says:

    It is a best font I am looking font. I really like it.

  40. Panha Reach says:

    very very nice font I am looking to use for my new leaflet design project!

  41. CHRM says:

    this is so nice………….!!!

  42. Vannak says:

    This is nice free font and kind of you to share it freely. if i want to buy you a cup of coffee what can i do?

  43. fontfabric says:

    Hello @Vannak,

    You can use the donation button after the content here:

    Thank you!

  44. Seomoñas says:

    Nice, i really love it

  45. Susan Welch says:

    Thank you, beautiful font. looks great.

  46. ranker says:

    I really love this font . How can i put it in my web site ?

  47. 8top10 says:

    It is very nice. I love your design and I hope to use this font with my work. Could you tell me how can i get it from u ?

  48. lily says:

    hey sir !! do you have other beautiful fonts???

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