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Sprite Graffiti Font

May 23rd 2014

This is the first Bulgarian graffiti typeface in cyrillic created for the 24th of May (Bulgarian national holiday celebrating the alphabet) as part of our campaign for Sprite Graffiti Fest 2014.
Our challenge was to keep the graffiti style and still have legible letters. We strived for a functional font that would not only be useful for the graffiti community, but also for a wider audience. This way, apart from promoting graffiti we also help build a pool of more and diverse cyrillic typefaces.

Client – Sprite Graffiti Fest
Designers/Artists – Arsek & Erase (Four Plus)
Font Developers – Ani Petrova & Vasil Stanev (Fontfabric)







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27 Responses

  1. щилиян says:

    Благодаря за прекрасната инициатива. Май нещо е повреден шрифта и не може да се инсталира!?

  2. Никола says:

    Супер е фонта, благодарим, момчета, че ни радвате с хубави кирилски шрифтове!

    Радваме ви се и ви стискаме палци за още творчески успехи!

    Поздрави на всички, които правят наистина качествени български неща! 🙂

  3. Schmoove says:

    Nice! Are there any terms regarding commercial use and redistribution?

  4. Leo says:

    Super! Thanx!!!
    and I using your Glober (which I purchased) almost every day ))

  5. Davy says:

    Wonderful! Always handy to have a font like that in the collection!

  6. oz says:

    cool font in’ just as Schmoove asked: Are there any terms regarding commercial use and redistribution?

  7. umit altan says:

    Such great work and beautiful font…

    I won’t be using for commercial or business purposes, for your ınfo…

    Thanks for sharing

  8. abc says:

    яко, жестоко – “първи влак” 🙂

  9. Vess says:

    Чудесен във всяко отношение 🙂
    Благодаря ви, момчета!
    Честит 24 май и на вас!

  10. onul ozalp says:

    thank you so much brother..

  11. Amazing! Beautiful font. Thank you.

  12. DLC says:

    Супер е, поздравления!

  13. Yogi Asima says:

    Thank you, FontFabric..
    Awesome.. 🙂

  14. Oscar says:

    Thank you for sharing this Great font Arsek & Erase
    the execution is excellent, thank you Fontfabric team
    Keep it up 🙂

  15. Nikola Viereckel says:

    Great font, can it be used for commercial purposes? Thanks

  16. Tomica Korac says:

    A great font, indeed. Thank you very much. Is there any chance to add Serbian characters that are currently missing: љ, њ, ј, ђ, ћ, џ?

  17. Matt says:

    (sorry if this is results in a duplicate comment post. I received a blank page on the first attempt. unsure if it registered…)

    This is great. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Tunde says:

    Thanks for the cool font. Great work! 🙂

  19. Garbaad says:

    Download the font and you’ll also get the Terms of Use

  20. Andy says:

    Great Font. Thank you!

  21. cherubically says:

    Super Stick .Thanks for the cool font.

  22. Super! Thanx!!!
    and I using your Glober (which I purchased) almost every day ))

  23. Awesome..
    This font when best ever seen!!

  24. freeware says:

    oh Finally I found this font , thanks fontfabric !

  25. freeware says:

    oh Finally I found a cool graffiti font for the manufacture of shirts thank you very much

  26. thoes guys rock! the font looks 1:1 like the paint – and that’s nearly impossible. good work!

  27. Thank you very much for sharing..!! 😉

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