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Aleo free font

Apr 8th 2013
Aleo Free Font is a contemporary typeface designed as the slab serif companion to the Lato font by Łukasz Dziedzic. Aleo has semi-rounded details and a sleek structure, giving it a strong personality while still keeping readability high. The family comprises six styles:  three weights (light, regular and bold) with corresponding true italics.


The Aleo font family is released under the SIL Open Font License, so it is free for both personal and commercial use. If you wish you can make a donation here.
I would be happy to see what you do using Aleo, so feel free to share your designs with me. Thank you!
Designed by Alessio Laiso




6 free fonts


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92 Responses

  1. Aaron says:

    Gorgeous work, thank you very much!

  2. paul long says:

    ryan told me to check this out!

  3. Snowboy says:

    Looks awesome! Polish glyph ą i not working. Please update 🙂

  4. Thank you all!
    @Snowboy: I have updated the font on my Behance page with the missing Polish glyphs, I guess the file will be updated soon here too. Anyway, you can download version 1.1 from Behance 😉

  5. admin says:

    @Alessio.. wow, that was fast. Thanks for your quick support!

  6. Abhinav says:

    Excellent font. In an era of Sans-serif fonts, finally a serif font with aesthetics of a sans-serif font. Beautiful and stupendous work !

  7. Chinix says:

    Thank `s
    excellent work

  8. Alberto says:

    Amazing work.

  9. Blackmagic says:

    Thank you for the 6 fonts

  10. Dennis says:

    is it ok to transform into webfont and use it on own homepage?

    Cheers Dennis

  11. haider says:

    Really nice font.
    Thanks giving it cost freely.

  12. ever says:

    This is gorgeous. Very well done!
    Would it be possible to integrate a CE support anytime soon?

    BTW. why did you decide to do the “y” without bottom serif?

  13. Flea says:

    Thanks !!! Looks very good! Love the way you implemented the serif-style.

  14. @Dennis: Sure, the font is released under the SIL Open Font License so you can use it on websites, and I encourage you to let me see your website when you use Aleo (just to satisfy my curiosity!)

  15. @Ever: Thank you. I consider adding full CE support in the future.
    About the “y”: I wanted the typeface to look as sleek and modern as possible even being a serif typeface, this is why some letters have some “sans-looking” details.

  16. Tom says:

    This has become my go to font. I love it

  17. Gabriela says:

    Thank you very much! beautiful and useful font!

  18. Voodoos says:

    Please, add cyrillic version! It’s amazing font!

  19. Elea says:

    This is lovely work! Might there be any plans to integrate with Google Web Fonts?

  20. Zoé says:

    Reaaaaally nice and usefull, thanks !

  21. evolart says:

    Preciosa fuente. Gracias.

  22. me says:

    nice font. but the kerning, a bit unsettled. hm

  23. Natalie says:

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  24. Neil says:

    Very cool font!

  25. Momo Break says:

    Fantastic font! But there’s something not quite right about the lowercase g. It looks a bit too small or too large, depending on the size, and it needs some kerning in the italic version.

  26. Momo Break says:

    It should also have more stroke contrast, so that it looks more like a slab-serif g instead of a plain sans-serif g (which is what it is right now).

  27. I love it, the serif in combination with the mondern straight lines, awesome!

  28. Zoe says:

    Love it! Thanks a bunch.

  29. evano says:

    Beautiful work! Thank you for being so generous and giving all this work away for free.

  30. Jess says:

    I fell in love with this font as soon as I saw it, and the fact that it partners with Lato is fantastic, but I can’t get it to render correctly online with an @font-face generator; the rendering is very unsmooth at anything under 300px. Please, when will it be available as a webfont?

  31. Milos says:

    Great work! Any chance of including č and đ glyphs (Č Đ)? They seem to be missing…

  32. steppeland says:

    Great font! Thank you!

  33. […] as typefaces I’ve used Aleo as display font and Source Sans Pro for the […]

  34. Krewetka says:


    Great font 🙂

    Have you thought about puting it on google fonts? makes it mch easier to use for webdesing. It Lato font is already there 🙂

  35. Lucho says:

    Beautifull work. Thanks!!

  36. cruz says:

    thank you for your font, it’s a great work!!

  37. Nicholas says:

    Very nice! Thanks a million 🙂

  38. blurooferika says:

    Wow! I can see using this on a ton of projects. Thanks for sharing!

  39. Thank you very much I was looking for a universal font for both my website and pdf’s. This is fantastic!

  40. Top Vectors says:

    This is just awesome! I can already imagine a perfect use for it. Thanks for giving away such a gorgeous and perfect font away.

  41. Dante says:

    tehe great font

  42. Brilliant, much appreciated!

  43. Thank you so much, what a wonderful font!

  44. Peter Adam says:

    Beautiful font, but unfortunatelly double acute accents are standing out of style.

  45. evgeniy says:

    Good work!Thank you!

  46. Tim Morris says:

    Beautiful font! Thanks!

  47. Yogesh Singh says:

    Awesome font 🙂
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  48. Amazing & nice font!
    thanks for sharing!

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