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Aromanian (also Macedo-Romanian, and Vlach) Fonts

Fonts for Aromanian (also known as Macedo-Romanian or Vlach) offered by Fontfabric are designed to support Aromanian (also known as Macedo-Romanian or Vlach) orthography and text.

Aromanian is a Romance language closely related to Romanian is sometimes considered a dialect. Diacritical marks modify the pronunciation of the preceding letter, and include the acute accent, the circumflex, the tilde, the caron, and the diaeresis. Specific letters and diacritical marks to Aromanian orthography include the letters ă,â,î,ș, and ț, which represent certain sounds that are not found in standard Romanian or other Romance languages. There are also several rules for using these letters and marks, such as when to use them and where they should be placed in a word

Writing System: Latin script

Alphabetic Writing System: Aromanian alphabet

Number of Characters: 35

Alphabet Letter / Character Set: A, a, Ã, ã, B, b, C, c, D, d, Dh, dh, Dz, dz, E, e, F, f, G, g, H, h, I, i, J, j, K, k, L, l, Lj, lj, M, m, N, n, Nj, nj, O, o, P, p, Q, q, R, r, Rr, rr, S, s, Sh, sh, T, t, Th, th, Ts, ts, U, u, V, v, W, w, X, x, Y, y, Z, z.

Language Speakers: 210000

Country / Areas: Balkans, including Southern Albania, Northern Greece, the Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo and southwestern Bulgaria

Typeface Usage: Various business typography uses, such as corporate fonts, branding font styles, labels, product, and packaging fonts, high-performing gaming, and app fonts, more wide-use multimedia, and printer-friendly digital fonts, variable fonts for websites, tablets, software fonts, and any other high-grade professional and personal typeface applications.