At Fontfabric, we love creating typefaces that sing. Our recent releases, like Transforma, Chopin, and Plush, have been adding their own melodies to the design world. Now, we’re ready to introduce our latest riff: Gonzaga.

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A Typeface with Soul:

Gonzaga is a vibrant and versatile display slab serif typeface that redefines the classic Clarendon style. With its modern edge and timeless charm, Gonzaga is designed to make a statement in any project.

The Birth of a New Sound:

Gonzaga features 18 styles, including variable fonts and true italics. Its clean lines and distinctive character make it ideal for both display and text use, providing a unique blend of functionality and flair.

Font Details that Swings

Gonzaga’s design is characterized by clean, contemporary lines and a playful rhythm. This is particularly evident in the lowercase characters, where unique forms like the open “a,” the dynamic counter of the “g,” and the distinctive leg of the “k” inject energy and personality into your text. Even at small sizes, Gonzaga maintains exceptional legibility. The clean, contemporary feel of the “r” and “s” ensures readability in body text, while the sharp, angled serif of the “t” adds a touch of sophistication for headlines.

The “z” is another character that grabs attention with its dynamic stroke that emphasizes the downward movement. These unique details, along with the thoughtful spacing and overall balance of proportions, make Gonzaga a versatile and visually appealing choice for a wide range of design applications.

Improvise & Experiment:

Gonzaga is packed with OpenType features, including contextual alternates for characters like “g,” “y,” and “&,” along with discretionary ligatures (“sh,” “gi,” “sl”) and standard ligatures (“Wh,” “Th,” “fl”). It also supports proportional oldstyle and tabular figures, fractions, and denominators/numerators.

Gonzaga Takes the Stage:

Explore how Gonzaga shines in real-world applications, from branding concepts for Sofia Music Week to various editorial designs. Its robust personality and versatile styles make it an indispensable tool for any designer.

Language Support

Gonzaga supports over 130 languages, including comprehensive Cyrillic localization for Bulgarian, Serbian, Ukrainian, and more. This extensive language support ensures that your designs can reach a global audience.

Meet the Band:

Gonzaga is the result of a collaboration between talented designers Kiril Zlatkov and Ivelina Martinova, under the expert direction of Type Director Vika Usmanova. Their combined expertise has brought Gonzaga to life, blending creativity with precision.

Interview with the authors

Can you introduce yourself?

Kiril: I’m a graphic artist, illustrator, book designer, and type designer since 1999, dedicated to sustaining Bulgarian Cyrillic forms.

What inspired you to create Gonzaga?

Kiril: For Gonzaga, we drew deep inspiration from the world of mid-20th century graphic design and typography. This period was a hotbed of cultural dynamism and artistic exploration. Imagine the cool sounds of jazz, the explosion of pop art, and the clean lines of Swiss design. We wanted to capture that energy and translate it into a typeface that bridged the gap between classic and modern styles. Gonzaga achieves this balance through its unique proportions and structure, effectively revitalizing the familiar forms of the Clarendon typeface.

Vika: My inspiration came not from specific fonts, but rather from the concept of movement and dance.

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced during the font creation process?

Kiril: Balancing conceptual design with technical execution, deciding which characters should be dynamic vs. static, and ensuring intelligent spacing were all key challenges. The unconventional letterforms demanded flexible space organization.

Vika: The biggest challenge for this font was balancing display-style letters with more standard ones, especially regarding the slant and spacing of curved letters in italics.

How do you envision Gonzaga being used by designers in the creative industry?

Kiril: Primarily for display, but it’s also suitable for small paragraphs due to its excellent legibility. It’s perfect for branding, editorial projects, packaging, and music materials, especially contemporary jazz, funk, rock, and world fusion styles.
Vika: I see this font thriving in packaging and branding – anywhere that needs a touch of warmth and personality.

If Gonzaga were a person, what qualities would they possess?

Kiril: Not a rebel but not a conformist. Intelligent, communicative, energetic, respectful of traditions but willing to challenge them.
Vika: A dancer and music lover with a passion for rhythm and stylish shoes.

Do you have any set of characters that you favor most?

Kiril: Lowercase upright a, g, k, r, s, t, z, and italic f, k, x, y, and the whole Cyrillic set.
Vika: The strength of this design lies in its systematic approach. It blends unconventional letterforms with more traditional ones, and the bold serifs unify the whole system.

Fine-Tune Your Sound:

Gonzaga includes variable fonts that offer unparalleled flexibility and customization. These variable fonts allow designers to fine-tune the weight and style of their text, ensuring perfect results for any project.

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Find Your Groove in Typography

Gonzaga is a versatile tool ready to enhance your creative projects with its distinct flair and robust personality. Whether you’re working on branding, editorial design, or anything in between, Gonzaga is the perfect choice to bring your ideas to life.

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