At Fontfabric Type Foundry, we’ve been at the vanguard of the typography frontier, tirelessly pushing beyond established boundaries to pioneer fresh and distinctive forms. Our explorations have led us to join forces with a multitude of creative talents, bringing forth innovations and versatility. As we delve into the rich narratives of our collaborative ventures like Muller Next, Gismo, Auge, and Calleo, another unique creation beckons – Grima.

A brainchild of our partnership with Todor Georgiev, a brilliant letterer from the Letter Collective team, Grima stands as a testament to our unyielding spirit of creative exploration and our unquenchable thirst for innovation.

Unraveling the Mystical Grima

Grima is more than a typeface; it’s a portal to a realm where creativity reigns supreme and the norms of legibility are elegantly sidestepped in favor of challenge and innovation. Each glyph in the Grima family stands as an intricately designed testament to elaborate forms and craftsmanship, presenting a peculiar juxtaposition of similar heights and varying widths. As your eyes dance across these lines of text, they morph into intricate patterns, each carrying a tale, sometimes mysterious and magical, sometimes stark and grim.

A Deeper Look into Grima’s Versatility

Grima isn’t just a font, it’s an intricate dance of form and space, consisting of five fonts with fixed weight but varying in width, accommodating everything from narrow confines to ultra-wide expanses. This versatility and adaptability encapsulate the genius of Grima, providing designers with the freedom to play, experiment, and innovate. Whether you are designing a modern digital landscape or working on a conventional print project, Grima extends its transformative magic, allowing your narratives to come alive.

Discover Grima’s Magic

Meet Todor Georgiev: The Wizard Behind Grima

As we unveil the enchanting tale of Grima, we must introduce you to its creator, Todor Georgiev, a gifted professional from the Letter Collective team. His expertise and love for experimentation breathe life into Grima’s every stroke. With his background in calligraphy and a natural affinity for testing the conventional, Todor embarked on this creative journey, crafting each letter of Grima with utmost care and precision.

Interview with Todor Georgiev:

Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Delighted to! My name is Todor Georgiev, although my friends often call me Tozzi. My passion lies in exploring the art of the written letter in all its forms and shapes. Even though the term “letterer” traditionally refers to someone who works mainly on comic books, I embrace it as an apt descriptor of my profession. My passion spans across the spectrum of artistry from lettering and type design to sculpting and creating unique objects. In addition to this, I take great pleasure in designing logos and posters. My lifelong fascination with letters culminated in the formation of the Letter Collective studio in 2018, which I co-founded with my good friend Jacklina Jekova.

What was the inspiration behind Grima and its unique forms?

“My creation of Grima was partly inspired by a theory a friend once shared with me – that our world is driven by laziness. Interestingly, this concept applied to my work as well. The cumbersome process of kerning was something I always sought to sidestep, which was a contributing factor to the birth of Grima. Contrary to Matthew Carter’s philosophy that “type is a beautiful group of letters, not a group of beautiful letters,” I wanted to craft a typeface that emphasizes the individuality and independent aesthetics of each glyph.”

Can you share some of the challenges you encountered during Grima’s creation process, and did any other fonts influence its design?

“Time management was a constant hurdle, especially when dealing with a large-scale project like Grima, which demanded a high degree of experimentation. As for the technical aspects, learning to navigate the Glyphs app and harness its capabilities was a significant part of the process. Until Grima, my journey in type design was primarily facilitated through Font Lab, and this shift to new software was a bit of an adjustment. My design was subtly influenced by the works of Julien Priez, Studio Triple, and my personal style of creating letterforms.”

How do you see Grima being used in the creative industry, and who is the primary audience for this typeface?

“Grima is a typeface that invites designers to break the mold and use it in ways that are as unconventional as the typeface itself. I want it to be utilized with skill and audacity. Grima may not fit every context or cater to everyone’s taste, but its distinctiveness could find resonance in various industries. What Grima brings to the table is something contemporary and unseen before. It is hardly comparable to any other typeface, but a testament to design originality.

What’s the best context for Grima’s use in terms of practicality?

“Grima exudes a peculiar aura that could be a powerful tool for creating an enchanting, mystical, or even magical ambiance in design. My hope is to see Grima adorning headlines in editorial pieces, book covers, posters, and album art. The potential is vast, and I look forward to witnessing its application in myriad creative projects.”

If you were to personify Grima, what attributes would it possess?

“If Grima took human form, she would be youthful, dark, and stunningly beautiful, possessing a captivating aura devoid of humor. She would seamlessly blend into the most unexpected environments, thriving in her self-sufficiency.”

Delve Deeper into Todor’s Work

The Last Word: Grima’s Place in the Typographic Landscape

In essence, Grima is not just a font—it’s a symphony of creativity, innovation, and a passion for challenging the norm. It’s a testament to the ethos that we hold dear at Fontfabric—designing solutions that not only serve a purpose but also inspire, transform, and tell stories. The existence of Grima affirms our commitment to this ethos, standing as a beacon that illuminates our path to future innovations.

Begin Your Journey with Grima

As we sail forth in the vast ocean of typography, we’re more than thrilled to bring you along on our voyages. Our explorations continue to redefine the landscape of type design and open new gateways to typographic expression. Stay connected, stay curious, and join us as we continue to innovate and inspire.

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