At Fontfabric Type Foundry, our heartbeat is typography. We don’t just craft fonts; we weave narratives, each typeface a chapter in our ongoing saga of design precision. Our explorations have taken us through a spectrum of styles, birthing celebrated names like Plush, Chopin, and Petrov Sans. Today, we invite you on a magical journey with Transforma—a typeface that blends modern design with the mystique of typography’s magic.

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The Story Begins: The Spell of Inspiration

Transforma sprang from an adventurous idea: to harmonize the fluid dynamics of script with the structured clarity of sans serif. This daring blend pays homage to the essence of both styles, standing as proof of our commitment to push the boundaries of typography. It’s a font that challenges norms, ensuring designers have a versatile ally in breaking new ground.

Delving Deeper: A Closer Look at Transforma

Transforma stands as a testament to diversity and versatility, encompassing a family of 22 fonts across three sub-families—Script, Sans, and Mix—each offering a distinct narrative.

The Sans variant, with nine weights from Extra Light to Extra Black, showcases wide proportions for enhanced legibility and features such as ink traps and vertical cuts that infuse a contemporary charm.

The Script and Mix styles, available in five weights from Extra Light to Semi Bold, capture the essence of handwritten fluidity and a playful merger of script and sans elements, respectively. This expansive suite supports over 130 languages, marking Transforma as a font for the global stage. 

Transforma’s design details are a testament to its magic. From the script’s intricate loops to the sans’ captivating horizontal “a,” each element is meticulously crafted to spark creativity. The Mix style, with its script elements appearing like a surprise spell every fourth letter, adds an engaging rhythm to your narrative.

Within Transforma’s realm, OpenType features cast spells of creativity. Ligatures bind letters in harmony; tabular figures align as if by wizardry. Fractions and case sensitivities shift shape with ease, while numerators and denominators balance the scale of design. Even as it bridges languages with graceful localization, including a touch of Bulgarian Cyrillic, Transforma weaves its magic.

The Magic of Variable fonts

A highlight of Transforma is its trio of variable fonts—Transforma Sans, Script, and Mix—offering unparalleled flexibility. The variable version of Transforma Sans is especially intriguing, with careful coding allowing for fluid transitions in weight and contrast. This adaptability ensures that letters such as “i,” “t,” “s,” and “f” maintain their distinctive shapes and readability across all weights, from the nuanced finesse of Extra Light to the bold presence of Extra Black.

The Magicians Behind Transforma

Behind Transforma’s magic are the wizards of typography—Ani Dimitrova, Svet Simov, and Vika Usmanova. Their combined talents have conjured more than just a font; they’ve created an experience that pushes the boundaries of what type can achieve, inviting you into a world where design and magic intertwine.

Let’s hear the creators

What inspired you to create Transforma? Tell us more about the concept behind it.

Vika: We initially aimed to design a typeface where letters would morph from a unique starting point to a clean sans-serif style. However, as we crafted these initial, unusual letterforms, they stood out as a distinct script font. Interestingly, the sans-serif versions we developed alongside seemed to function better as a separate typeface. Ultimately, since both fonts were created together, they merged into a cohesive font package.

What were some of the biggest challenges you faced during the font creation process?

Vika: Finding the right balance between weights was quite the endeavor. For the black sans serif letters, the challenge was maintaining their design integrity at very light weights. Conversely, for the script font, the challenge was transforming thin, monolinear letterforms into bolder weights while keeping their essence intact.

Ani: Perhaps creating the mixed style was a major challenge. What fascinated me the most was how two radically different styles collide with each other in words and look as strangely and as interestingly together.

How do you envision Transforma being used by designers in the creative industry? What would be the best application for Transforma in terms of usability?

Vika: Transforma is all about emotions and character. It’s a powerful tool for adding that emotional touch to designs.

Ani: I imagine it being used in designs for packaging, posters, playful ads, and highlighting. It’s very suitable for such applications due to the playful nature of most letters.

Did other fonts inspire you in the design process of Transforma?

Vika: Transforma’s script font is inspired by the quick, expressive handwriting used for a heartfelt note.

Ani: There wasn’t a specific font that influenced me, but I am a big fan of bold, dense display fonts that are readable and have a memorable character. I tried to incorporate what I like into the design of the bold weights in Transforma Sans, in letters like f, g, t, s, and others. I think the combination of the two styles forms a great contrast and dynamic.

If Transforma were a person, what qualities would they possess?

Vika: Imagine a fun, enthusiastic friend brimming with ideas for awesome ways to spend your time! That’s Transforma.

Ani: It would be fun, with a unique character, playful, dynamic, positive, and even a bit quirky.

Transforma in Action: Experience the Typeface

Transforma invites you to redefine the boundaries of your design projects. Its versatility makes it ideal for an array of applications, from branding and digital design to print and beyond. Whether you’re crafting headlines with Transforma Script, setting engaging text in Transforma Sans, or creating standout logos with Transforma Mix, this typeface adapts to your vision, empowering you to tell stories that captivate and resonate.

Embrace the Magic Within

Transforma invites you to wield its power in your next project, turning ordinary designs into extraordinary creations. With its blend of personalities—charming, vibrant, and delightfully unconventional—it’s the perfect ally for conjuring the magic of your imagination. 

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