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Chechen Fonts

Chechen is a Northeast Caucasian language and belongs to the Avar-Andi-Dido subgroup. The Chechen language uses its own unique writing system, which is known as the Chechen Cyrillic alphabet. This writing system was introduced in the 1930s and is based on the Cyrillic script, which was originally developed for the Slavic languages of Eastern Europe. The Chechen Cyrillic alphabet includes all of the letters of the Russian alphabet as well as several additional letters that are specific to the Chechen language. These additional letters include Ӏ (known as “I with a dot” and used to represent the palatalized velar nasal), ӏ (known as “little I” and used to represent the voiceless velar fricative), and Ӷ (known as “little Yeru” and used to represent the voiced velar fricative).

One of the main challenges of using the Chechen Cyrillic alphabet is that it does not accurately represent the sounds of the Chechen language. In particular, the alphabet does not have letters for several of the unique sounds that are found in Chechen, such as the palatalized velar nasal and the voiceless velar fricative. As a result, some Chechen speakers have difficulty reading and writing in their own language using the Cyrillic alphabet.

Writing System: Cyrillic script

Alphabetic Writing System: Chechen Cyrillic

Number of Characters: 49

Alphabet Letter / Character Set: А, а, Аь, аь, Б, б, В, в, Г, г, Гӏ, гӏ, Д, д, Е, е, Ё, ё, Ж, ж, З, з, И, и, Й, й(я, ю, е), К, к, Кх, кх, Къ, къ, Кӏ, кӏ, Л, л, М, м, Н, н, О, о, Оь, оь, П, п, Пӏ, пӏ, Р, р, С, с, Т, т, Тӏ, тӏ, У, у, Уь, уь, Ф, ф, Х, х, Хь, хь, Хӏ, хӏ, Ц, ц, Цӏ, цӏ, Ч, ч, Чӏ, чӏ, Ш, ш, (Щ), щ, (Ъ), ъ[c], (Ы), ы, (Ь), ь, Э, э, Ю, ю, Юь, юь, Я, я, Яь, яь, Ӏ, ӏ.

Language Speakers: 1.4 million people

Country / Areas: Chechen Republic, also Russia, Dagestan, Jordan, Central Asia (mainly Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan) and Georgia

Typeface Usage: Various business typography uses, such as corporate fonts, branding font styles, labels, product, and packaging fonts, high-performing gaming, and app fonts, more wide-use multimedia, and printer-friendly digital fonts, variable fonts for websites, tablets, software fonts, and any other high-grade professional and personal typeface applications.