All Fontfabric Fonts (Software) available for a free download and commercial use come with a standard Fontfabric Commercial End-User License Agreement For Free Fonts as part of the free download (apart from specific restrictions that come with any other type of Fontfabric License).

By downloading, installing, copying, or using one or more of the free-download Fontfabric Fonts (Software) available for commercial use, you agree to the terms, stated within this legal agreement.


This is a “Fontfabric Free Font End User License Agreement” (“FF EULA”) between you as an end-user (“Licensee”) and Fontfabric LLC (“Licensor”).

  • “Fonts” / “Free fonts” refers to the set of files released by the Fontfabric under this Fontfabric End-User License Agreement and clearly marked as such. This may include source files, build scripts, and documentation.
  • “Original Works” refers to the collection of Fontfabric Fonts (Software) components as distributed by Fontfabric.
  • “Derivative Works” refers to any derivative made by adding to, deleting, or substituting — in part or in whole — any of the components of the “Original Works”, by changing formats or by porting Fontfabric Font (Software) to a new environment.
  • “Page Views’ refers to the number of times a user views a web page on a website or online platform that use Fontfabric Fonts (Software). Page Views indicate how many times one or more Fontfabric Fonts (Software) are served.

You are welcome to give Fontfabric, as the Licensor, credit in your work and to send examples of the free Fontfabric Font (Software) in use to the following address:


  • A Licensee CAN (✓) use free Fontfabric Fonts (Software) to create any type of design, Derivative Works and visuals, on any surface, such as fabrics, textile and print, like clothing, paper, other printed materials, logos, business and greeting cards, postcards, postage stamps and other stationery materials, books, magazines, newspapers, newsprint and other printed and editorial materials, envelopes and package design, wallpaper prints, infographics, any vector graphics and any office supplies that are elements of a brand identity, along with computer and/or other device screens, like web pages, images, photographs and visuals, movie credits and other surfaces where the image has a fixed size. 
  • A Licensee CAN (✓) use free Fontfabric Fonts (Software) to create vector files or other scalable drawings (AI, EPS, PDF etc.), as well as static images (JPEG, TIFF, PNG etc.), even if these images are used on the web or in a mobile app.
  • A Licensee CAN (✓) use free Fontfabric Fonts (Software) to create Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Windows Apps, Linux Apps, OS X Apps, Android Apps, etc., and may have no limitation to distribute your apps.
  • A Licensee CAN (✓) use free Fontfabric Fonts (Software) as web-fonts with @font-face declaration to create web sites, web templates, etc.
  • A Licensee CAN (✓) use the free Fontfabric Fonts (Software) to create any files for ePub, such as PDF, WP templates, e-books, website templates, mobile apps, etc. for any kind of devices including Kindles, iPads, or other eReaders amidst others.
  • A Licensee CAN (✓) use the free Fontfabric Fonts (Software) to create any type of video content, distributed via streaming services, TV advertising, Broadcasting or social media.
  • A Licensee CAN(✓) modify vector outlines of free Fontfabric Fonts (Software)


  • A Licensee CAN (✓) install free Fontfabric Fonts (Software) on unlimited devices (computers, phones, tablets, etc. devices).
  • A Licensee CAN(✓) upload and use free Fontfabric Fonts (Software) on websites/templates with unlimited Page Views.


  • A Licensee CAN(✓) embed free Fontfabric Fonts (Software) into any document you send to third parties. Such documents may be viewed, printed, and edited by the recipients.
  • A Licensee CAN (✓) embed the free Fontfabric Fonts (Software) into software or hardware products in which the fonts will be used by the purchasers of such products (PDFs, WP templates, e-books, Website templates, Mobile Apps, etc.).
  • A Licensee CAN (✓) embed free Fontfabric Fonts (Software) into a web page with a @font-face declaration.
  • A Licensee CAN (✓) generate web-font packages from free Fontfabric Fonts (Software) in a third-party program or generator.


  • A Licensee CAN (✓) import characters from free Fontfabric Fonts (Software) as graphical objects into a graphic design program and modify such as graphical objects.
  • A Licensee CAN NOT () modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or create Derivative Works based on any free Fontfabric Fonts (Software) without prior written consent by Fontfabric (this means to edit/modify the font files themselves in font editors/software/programs like FontLab Studio, Fontographer, Font Creator, TypeTool, BitFonter, Glyphs, FontStruct, RoboFont, etc.).
  • A Licensee CAN NOT () resell or redistribute free Fontfabric Fonts (Software) themselves or any Derivative Works based on the free fonts themselves without prior written consent by Fontfabric.