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Grima Complete Family
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Grima Font Family  is a crisp contemporary display face based on the idea of “Unispace” – a new genre on the font scene gaining inspiration from both unicase and monospaced type delivered by Fontfabric. The family consist of 5 fonts with fixed weight and expanding width – from Narrow to Ultra Wide. You can find those combined in a single variable font which gives more flexibility to use the typeface in various design scenarios.

Letters have the slightest descenders and even shorter ascenders in order to achieve glyphs with a similar-ish height but varying width. Each has a unique skeleton designed to fill the body as tightly as possible. Equal spacing between characters combined with their detailed shapes make lines of text become intricate pieces. Ones which seem to have a deeper story behind them – sometimes magical, other times grim.

Grima Font Family was born in collaboration with ever-experimenting letterer Todor Georgiev, part of the Letter Collective team. The typeface is an exploration in elaborate forms, driven by a fertile idea with legibility coming third behind challenge and innovation. 

Based on pencil sketches of faux flat brush lettering with calligraphic details. Created with the intent to fill the gap of Bulgarian non-conventional typefaces.


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