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Salina Complete Family
Salina Swashes 16 FONTS
Salina Swashes Variable Roman
Salina Swashes Variable Italic
Salina Swashes ExtraLIght
Salina Swashes ExtraLight Italic
Salina Swashes Light
Salina Swashes Light Italic
Salina Swashes Book
Salina Swashes Book Italic
Salina Swashes Regular
Salina Swashes Regular Italic
Salina Swashes Medium
Salina Swashes Medium Italic
Salina Swashes Bold
Salina Swashes Bold Italic
Salina Swashes Black
Salina Swashes Black Italic
Salina 16 FONTS
Salina ExtraLight
Salina ExtraLight Italic
Salina Extra Light
Salina Extra Light Italic
Salina Light
Salina Light Italic
Salina Book
Salina Book Italic
Salina Regular
Salina Regular Italic
Salina Medium
Salina Medium Italic
Salina Bold
Salina Bold Italic
Salina Black
Salina Black Italic
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Fontfabric presents the lovely Salina Font Family – a modern, high contrast transitional serif typeface that exudes a captivating blend of contemporary sophistication and timeless elegance.

Born under the skillful hands of Ivelina Martinova and with the support of Plamen Motev and Vika Usmanova, the graceful Salina is here to make a lasting impression. Salina’s defining characteristic is the striking contrast between thick and thin strokes, smooth graceful ovals, round ball terminals and sharp bracketed serifs delivering a strong visual impact.

All of these qualities make the font ideal for designers seeking to create refined, visually striking compositions that just leave an impression. One of elegance, sophistication and exclusivity.

One of Salina.


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OpenType Features

Common Ligatures Contextual alternates Proper Small Caps Localised Forms Tabular Figures Diagonal Fractions Denominator Numerator Subscript Superscripts Case Sensitive Forms Ordinals

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