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Sensa Complete Family
Sensa Brush Fill
Sensa Brush Flora
Sensa Brush Flora Base
Sensa Brush Flora Fill
Sensa Sans Regular
Sensa Serif Regular
Sensa Wild Dot
Sensa Wild Dot Fill
Sensa Wild Dot Outline
Sensa Wild Dot Outline Shade
Sensa Wild Fill
Sensa Wild Line
Sensa Wild Line Fill
Sensa Wild Line Outline
Sensa Wild Line Outline Shade
Sensa Wild Outline
Sensa Wild Outline Shade
Sensa Wild Shade
Sensa Pen Regular
Sensa Goodies Patterns & Frames
Sensa Goodies Words & Shapes
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For web and print on demand apps.


For eBooks and ePublishing.

Digital Ads

For HTML5 based Digital Ads.

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For onscreen broadcasting.


For wider or unlimited purposes according to your company’s needs.


For commercial electronic games played on all interactive platforms.


Sensa Font Family is a handmade Fontfabric typeface family consisting of 21 fonts. Among other script fonts, this one is divided into 6 sub-family groups, each contributing to its wide range of visual power – Sensa Brush, Sensa Pen, Sensa Wild, Sensa Sans, Sensa Serif and Sensa Goodies.

Only your “brush” is the limit. Pick any of the Sensa fonts as a leading and the rest of the fonts can accompany it with ease. To work together in all possible combinations, all fonts in this package are created with that simple idea in mind.

The Sensa Font Family is applicable for almost every design project – from advertising, packaging, editorial and branding, to web and screen projects. For beauty and tender sensation or for more male and strong communication—you have a wide selection.


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OpenType Features

Stylistic Alternates Contextual alternates Swashes, 1–3 Localised Forms

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    What's included

    906 font Glyphs 21 font Styles

    107 Languages

    Afrikaans (also Cape Duch, Cape Afrikaners, and West Germanic language of South Africa), Asu, Belarusian (also Lachinka), Bemba, Bena, Bulgarian, Breton, Bosnian (Cyrillic), Catalan, Chechen, Kiga (also Rukiga, Ruchiga, and Chiga), Czech, Welsh, Danish, Taita, German, Lower Sorbian, Jola (also Jola-Fonyi, and Kujamataak), English, Spanish, Estonian, Basque, Finnish, Filipino (also Modern Philippines), Faroese, French, Friulian, Western, West Frisian, Irish, Scottish, Gaelic, Galician, Swiss, German, Gusii, Manx Gaelic, Croatian (also Gaj’s Latin alphabet, Abeceda, and Gajica), Upper Sorbian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Icelandic, Italian, Machame (also Kimachame), Makonde (also Kimakonde), Kabuverdianu (also Cape Verdean Creole, Kriolu, Barlavento, and Sotavento), Kalenjin, Shambala (also Kishambala, (ki)Sambaa, and (ki)Shambaa), Colognian (also Kölsch), Cornish, Luxembourgish, Ganda (also Luganda), Lithuanian (also Lithuanian Lietuviu Kalba, and East Baltic language), Luo (also Lwo, and Lwoian), Luyia (also Luyia, Luhia, and Luhiya), Latvian, Mauritian Creole (also Morisyen), Malagasy, Makhuwa-Meetto, Macedonian, Maltese, North Ndebele (also isiNdebele saseNyakatho, and Zimbabwean Ndebele), Dutch, Norwegian (also Nynorsk, and Bokmål), Nkore (also Nkole, Nyankore, Nyankole, Orunyankore, Orunyankole, Runyankore, and Runyankole), Oromo (also Afaan), Polish, Portuguese, Quechua (also Runasimi), Romansh, Kirundi (also Rundi), Romanian, Rombo (also Kirombo), Russian, Ikinyarwanda (also Kinyarwanda, Rwandan, and Rwanda), West Kilimanjaro (also West Chaga), Samburu, Sangu, Northern Sami, Sena, Sango (also Sangho)

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