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Intro free font

Feb 21st 2012

What distinguishes the new Intro free font from FontFabric is the strongly expressed geometric makeup and structure.
The basic letters of the Alphabet like “A”, “O” and “H” are built or based on principles of simple geometric forms – triangles, circles and squares.
In contrast to the Futura font which possesses similar styling, the Intro font preserves the characteristic sharpened edges of the “А”, “V” and “W” letters even in it’s boldened form.

“In Use” samples was designed by Miroslav Bekyarov for Fontfabric.



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With your donation we’ll be able to spend more time to improve and update our free fonts. We can add more characters, more languages like – polish, czech, hungarian, romanian etc. We appreciate every cent! Thank you for your support & contribution!

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195 Responses

  1. admin says:

    @mustangvis – yes

  2. EMERSON says:

    Muito legal estas fontes, gostei e fiz o download.

  3. VM says:

    I think this font is so strong, and at the same time, elegant. Ty.

  4. jieun says:


  5. Sofia says:

    What is the hanwritten font on the first image? latin alphabet, The End?

    Could you tell me please?

  6. Kate McBride says:

    […] gothic | geared slab | gladifilthefte |habarahand | intro | kabel | leafyshade |oldystyle | ranger | airbag | metropolis | IM fell […]

  7. Anna says:

    Sofia, it’s most probably Lobster font

  8. Andrew says:

    Love the inline version of Intro and used it for this design:

  9. Ollie says:

    Can I use the font commercially please?

  10. Paola says:

    Qué linda. gracias! 🙂

  11. Josh says:

    What a beautiful free font.

  12. bebe says:

    Thank you:) wonderful font!

  13. […] of the two-column layout. Now, the article’s different type faces — Quattrocento Roman, Intro, and Blue Highway — work together to be as readable as possible while remaining visually and […]

  14. BrooklanElliot says:

    Gorgeous! Thank you!

  15. […] create some type contrast, I am balancing out the lightness and sleekness of District Pro Thin with Intro by FontFabric. I love the geometric simplicity and impact of this typeface. It looks particularly […]

  16. Thomas says:

    I really like this font, only detail is the K, it doesn’t match with the rest of the letters so strong and straight. Consider adjust it or adding at least a variation. Either way beautiful font

  17. CODY says:

    Is this OK for commercial use?

  18. Waw It’s Verry cool Font ..

  19. hamza erbay says:

    Good for typographic work

  20. Michelle says:

    How can i unlock the ZIP file?big problem!

  21. Asher says:

    guys can i download these fonts …?

  22. tendai says:

    Can we use the font for commercial projects?

  23. […] Buy Full versionstarts from $29 […]

  24. Maria says:

    Where can I find the license of these “free font”? I don’t see anything about “only personal use”

  25. flo says:

    fett coole schrift. fei echt.

  26. Johnson fernando says:

    Can I use this font on ThemeForest..
    or on any template selling commercial purpose.
    do i need to attribute.

    thanks and regards

  27. Ashish says:

    I am free to use this font for my commercial use? I am asking this because although you have placed this font in free category but there is no FFF_EULA_license file with this font, when I download it.

  28. Jerome Cardenas says:

    Thanks for the font!!! 🙂

  29. tony says:

    Free? are you sure? Wow, really grateful.

  30. Jenny says:

    Fantasic font! Really beautiful. Looks great on poster. Thank you so much!

  31. Ana says:


    may I use your free font which I download from site in comercial use. For design of landing page, Magazine Ad, broshure etc….

  32. Lisa says:

    Hi, Can you advise if it’s free for commercial use or do I need to contribute?
    Many thanks

  33. Alberto says:

    Great font!!! I do not have in mind what to use it for but I dont think is going to take much to figure it out!!! Thanks Guys

  34. Zara says:

    Gorgeous! thanks so much

  35. thanks so much for this free font. i cant wait to use it on a poster.

  36. Georg says:


    Thanks for the great work!! May I use it for commercial artwork (including logo design)?

    Best regards,

  37. Helen says:

    Is this font free for commercial use?

  38. david rice says:

    Did anybody receive an answer regarding commercial use allowed?


    Good Morning
    Thanks you for the big free type.May I use it for ilustratorwork.
    Best regards,

  40. fontfabric says:

    @David and all others: Commercial use of Intro free font is allowed! Please find the License file attached to the download .zip folder.

    CEO & Founder

  41. Seohyeong says:

    Thanks for great free font~! : )

  42. Valeriia says:

    Dear guys,
    who on the Earth translated your posters into Russian? 🙂 Well, I had fun, but… Even Google will make it better!
    It makes as much sense as “Lim f ez grin harambato version at lemon” (“Lime is a green…”).
    Do something 🙂 Or, no, go on — it is so funny!
    Anyway, thanks for your work!

  43. fontfabric says:

    Dear @Valeriia,

    Please mind that the listed posters are on Bulgarian, not Russian.
    Since we’re native bulgarians I think that all translations are proper.


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