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Lojban Fonts

Lojban fonts offered by Fontfabric are designed to support Lojban writing and orthography as a logical and grammatically regular international auxiliary language.

One of the unique features of Lojban is its complex and highly regular writing system, which uses a unique set of punctuation marks and other orthographic conventions. Because of the unusual nature of Lojban orthography, it can be difficult to reproduce accurately using standard fonts and text-editing tools. This has led to the development of specialized Lojban fonts, which are specifically designed to support the correct rendering of Lojban text.

Writing System: Latin script

Alphabetic Writing System: Lojban alphabet

Number of Characters: 24

Alphabet Letter / Character Set: A, a, B, b, C, c, D, d, E, e, F, f, G, g, I, i, J, j, K, k, L, l, M, m, N, n, O, o, P, p, R, r, S, s, T, t, U, u, V, v, X, x, Y, y, Z, z, ‘ .

Language Speakers: 20

Country / Areas: International auxiliary language

Typeface Usage: Various business typography uses, such as corporate fonts, branding font styles, labels, product, and packaging fonts, high-performing gaming, and app fonts, more wide-use multimedia, and printer-friendly digital fonts, variable fonts for websites, tablets, software fonts, and any other high-grade professional and personal typeface applications.