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Papiamento Fonts

Papiamento is a creole language blend of Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, and English, with influences from African and Indigenous languages as well. Like many creole languages, Papiamento does not have a standardized orthography, which means that there is no agreed-upon way of spelling words in the language. However, there are some common conventions that are generally followed.

Overall, there are typeface options available for those looking for fonts to use with Papiamento. It is important to choose a font that includes all of the necessary characters and diacritical marks for the language, as well as one that is easy to read and looks good on the page.

Writing System: Latin script

Alphabetic Writing System: Papiamento orthography

Number of Characters: 27

Alphabet Letter / Character Set: A, a, B, b, C, c, Ch, ch, D, d, E, e, F, f, G, g, H, h, I, i, J, j, K, k, L, l, M, m, N, n, Ñ, ñ, O, o, P, p, Q, q, R, r, S, s, T, t, U, u, V, v, W, w, Y, y, Z, z.

Language Speakers: 270000

Country / Areas: Dutch Caribbean islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao

Typeface Usage: Various business typography uses, such as corporate fonts, branding font styles, labels, product, and packaging fonts, high-performing gaming, and app fonts, more wide-use multimedia, and printer-friendly digital fonts, variable fonts for websites, tablets, software fonts, and any other high-grade professional and personal typeface applications.