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Transforma 22 font styles from $18
Intro Script 11 font styles from $11
Madelyn 4 font styles from $11
Mixa 8 font styles from $29
Solena 1 font style
Resphekt 1 font style
Sensa 21 font styles from $19
Bukhari Script 1 font style
Guerrilla 1 font style
Nickainley 1 font style
Nexa Script 6 font styles from $40
Sant Elia 5 font styles
Braxton 5 font styles from $39
Pastel 1 font style from $25

Script Fonts

Script fonts are a type of typefaces include a wide range of ligatures to mimic handwriting and calligraphy for invitations, greeting cards, and other documents that require a personal touch. Characterized by the presence of numerous fine strokes and flowing, cursive letterforms, script typefaces range in style from formal, and traditional, to casual and handwritten.

One of the key features of script typefaces is their varied baseline, which refers to the invisible line on which most letters rest. In contrast to Roman or sans-serif typefaces, script typefaces have a baseline that slopes up or down to mimic the natural flow of handwriting. This gives script fonts a more organic and fluid appearance, as each letter seems to be connected to the next.

Ligatures are used to smooth out the transitions between letters and create a more cohesive, fluid appearance. Some script typefaces also include alternate characters, which allow the user to customize the look of the typeface by selecting different versions of individual letters.