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Stiff Staff font

Aug 28th 2012

Fontfabric type foundry presents Stiff Staff – decorative free font!

Designed by Borislav Petrov, Bulgaria!










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33 Responses

  1. Nice font! Thank you 😉

  2. LEX says:

    Gracias es justo lo que necesitaba 🙂

  3. medical says:

    Super! Thanks)

  4. kfm says:

    Very nice thanks .

  5. Kevin says:

    Danke schön!

  6. RocketBoy says:

    Very nice! Tnx

  7. Bernardo says:

    Thanks a lot for this stuff! Amazing work! Congrats!

  8. Juan says:

    Thank you very much, nice font!!

  9. Kenny says:

    =) i love it

  10. gustavo says:

    Bom demais! Só o que eu buscava, nada mais.

  11. Spirulina says:

    Fantastic, stylish, designer fonts!

  12. Ajie Gergaji says:

    you’re awesome, dude 🙂
    thank you very much!

  13. Cuautle says:

    Exelente fuente

    Lo que necesitaba

    Gracias 😉

  14. dduroo282 says:

    Thank you 🙂

  15. Limit Post says:

    nice font thanks 😀

  16. Jin says:

    awesome… thank you

  17. Marie says:

    absolut coole schriftart – great job

  18. desina says:

    nice font

    all of this


  19. Atanas says:

    Браво, много е красив фонта!

  20. Ian says:

    Thats it – been through your amazing collection donating now – than you so much!

    Keep up the good work!

  21. Cool thanks. Moreover, it’s free !
    The uppercase S looks a bit like the S from the logo of ACDC ^^
    Good job!

  22. Awesome. Thank you, great font.

  23. miss han says:

    Nice fonts

  24. fukami says:

    nice font & cool thanks!

  25. Alicia says:

    Hi There,

    I can’t get this font to work?

  26. Thank you very much bro!

  27. ilaçlama says:

    Nice font. thanks bro

  28. Onay Tololiu says:

    Nice Font 🙂

  29. Great font. Thank you

  30. Nice font, Great post. Thank you

  31. uçak bileti says:

    Wonderful font; thanks

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