Svetoslav “Svet” Simov is the CEO and founder of Fontfabric. As a self-taught designer with years of experience in graphic design, passion and proven record of geometry and drawing, Svet grew to design many emblematic typefaces in his unique and signature style. “Even back in high school, geometry and drawing were my most prominent skills. This later influenced my work as a typographer.” Svet’s work has been featured in a vast number of online and printed design editions and respected exhibitions for creatives. 

Svetoslav Simov has dedicated his career to creating innovative typefaces that reflect his complex design aesthetic. This philosophy is at the core of Fontfabric’s success, as the company works to develop and execute projects that meet the needs of their clients.

His first typefaces were based in simple, geometric forms — mainly straight lines and circles. These principles have resulted in a collection of typefaces that demonstrate that the basics of geometric construction can result in a wide variety of forms. Quite a few of Svetoslav “Svet” Simov typefaces became iconic best sellers used by many well-renowned brands. Nowadays, the Fontfabric portfolio continues to present iconic bestsellers and absolute designer favorites.

Based in Bulgaria, Svetoslav “Svet” Simov is well-known remains committed to pushing the boundaries of typography and creating new and innovative designs that inspire and captivate audiences around the world!