Font type classification and categories branch and arrange by many types.

Blackletter Type

A script style of calligraphy made with a broad-nibbed pen using vertical, curved and angled strokes. Popular from the Middle Ages through the Renaissance (and up to the 20th Century mainly in Germany). Styles are often associated with certain countries or regions.

Blackletter Subclasses:

  • Fraktur
  • Old English
  • Rotunda
  • Schwabacher
  • Textura

Calligraphic Type

Typefaces based on letters made with a broad-nibbed pen.


  • Chancery
  • Etruscan

Gaelic Type


Gaelic Subclasses:

  • Angular
  • Uncial

Inscriptional Type

Typefaces modeled after or inspired by letters carved in stone.

Inscriptional Subclasses:

  • Roman Inscriptional

Non-alphanumeric Type

Typefaces which contain pictures or symbols rather than letters and numbers.

Non-alphanumeric Subclasses:

  • Dingbats
  • Ornaments
  • Pictorial

Ornamented, Novelty Type

Typefaces with an ornate or whimsical appearance, or which simulate non-typographical forms. 

Ornamented, Novelty Subclasses:

  • Art Deco
  • Art Nouveau
  • Comic Strip Lettering
  • Dot Matrix
  • Futuristic
  • Machine Readable
  • Pixel
  • Pseudo Foreign Script
  • Victorian

Sans Serif Type

A typeface without serifs.

Sans Serif Subclasses:

  • Gothic
  • Grotesque
  • Geometric Sans
  • Grotesk
  • Humanistic / Humanist Sans
  • Square Gothic
  • Swiss Gothic

Script Type

Typefaces based on letters made with a flexible pen or brush, or derivative forms.

Script Subclasses:

  • Brush Script
  • Casual Script
  • Formal Script
  • Rationalized Script
  • Roundhand (English, French)
  • Handwriting
  • Calligraphic
  • Blackletter & Lombardic

Serif Type

A typeface with serifs.

Serif Subclasses:

  • Grecian
  • Latin
  • Modern
  • Didone
  • Scotch Modern
  • Old Style (Dutch, Dutch, Spanish, Venetian
  • Antique
  • Slab Serif
  • Clarendon
  • Egyptian
  • French Clarendon
  • Geometric Serif
  • Spur Serif
  • Scotch Roman
  • Tuscan
  • Transitional
  • Neoclassical & Didone

Decorative Type

Decorative Subclasses:

  • Rust
  • Grunge
  • Psychedelic
  • Graffiti

Modern Type

Monospaced Type

Display Type