Professional letterform and type

are a strategic business advantage.

Turn letters and words into powerful business assets with professional font engineering by Fontfabric. Take advantage with expertize in typographic hierarchy, art technology and passion for authentic fonts. Fontfabric is as a worldwide leader in commercial typography and fonts.

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Silverstone Text Family

Britain’s motorsport legend—Silverstone Circuit—rises with a new custom typeface as part of a key rebrand.

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Panton Extended

Polpharma, the renowned pharmaceutical giant from Poland, ventures into international markets by leveraging the enhanced typeface capabilities of Panton. Through our collaborative partnership, we achieved remarkable success in localizing diverse scripts, enabling the distribution of over 400 million life-saving packages to individuals across 60 countries each year.

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Intro Script Customized

With its newly tailored Intro Script, Lipton Ice Teas satisfies thirst of millions across more than 110 countries, reflecting their unwavering commitment to all-natural products.

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Localized advertising campaigns

By implementing fully localized fonts and customized Cyrillic typography, Telenor Bulgaria enters the national-wide telecommunications industry, placing human interaction at the forefront once again. This transformative approach brings a renewed sense of connection and engagement.

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Typography Services

Bespoke Font DevelopmentCustomize & Modify FontsCustom Brand TypographyGlobal Typeface Expansion Logotype Design ServiceFonts Licensing ServicesBranding AssessmentLanguages & LocalizationCustom Weights, Widths & StylesCharacter Set ExtensionsFont Hinting ServiceSpacing & Kerning ServiceLettering & Handwriting ServiceTypography by Fontfabric

Bespoke Font Development

Send powerful visual stimuli, trigger brand association across mediums, rely on professional-grade legibility, typographical hierarchy and optimal display. A new font for your brand, revive old type, or bring concept development to life. Bespoke typefaces by Fontfabric stamp typographic identity to organic memory, facilitates brand perception and builds lasting branding association with any target audience.

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Font Customization & Modification Services - Fontfabric

Customize & Modify Fonts

Browse retail fonts in Fontfabric‘s extensive and awarding-winning portfolio. Customize glyphs, graphene, additional pictogram design. Fine-tune language localization for a custom typeface and shape your desired brand identity. Take advantage and tailor our fonts for a distinctive visual presence and outstanding performance throughout communication channels and mediums.

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Custom Brand Typography

Reach Fontfabric for custom font solutions. Consult on practical use, color or tonal balance, friction-free font pairing, character set metric audits, or size-specific tweaks. Adapt tracking, optimize kerning, interpolation of weights, widths, compliance with typographic conventions, orthographic styles, identify legibility issues, terms of use, licenses, shape industry-tailored typography for your specific business to align brand identity and design systems.

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Custom Brand Typography Service - Fontfabric
Global Typeface Expansion Service - Fontfabric

Global Typeface Expansion

Trust professional typeface designers at Fontfabric to march into global expansion and foreign markets. Adapt brand typography to geographic and culture specifics. Fit society context in different languages, convey in native writing systems and tap global audiences with sound visual integrity.

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Logotype Design Service

Commission Fontfabric professionals to craft unique and memorable logotype design to effectively capture the essence of your brand. Represent intricate brand identity to communicate history, values and vision to your target audiences. Professional logo typography design is uniquely tailored to your brand profile, both in aesthetic and functional manner.

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Fonts Licensing Services - Fontfabric

Fonts Licensing Services

Although not lawyers, Fontfabric accumulates extensive knowledge from within the font industry. Tap know-how about fonts themselves, foundries, studios, licensing models, usage terms and conditions, and more. Our expertise has led small to corporate-grade companies seeking advice in the past throughout a range of licensing matters.

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Branding Assessment

A professional type audit and assessment by Fontfabric dives deep into your branding mechanics. Font character sets, glyph names, Unicode ranges and lettering metrics make the best out of your typeface. Have professionals review OpenType features, identify areas for optimization, inspect language localization, or special characters, with the sole goal of technically sharp designs and cutting-edge branding.

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Branding Assessment Service - Fontfabric

Languages & Localization

Expand markets and go global. Fontfabric customizes orthography specifics and multilingual support for branding internationalization. We fine-tune glyph replacement rules for specific languages and scripts, with extended language localization, smooth legibility and visual proficiency.

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Custom Weights, Widths & Styles

Assign additional font weight, widths, and styles for expressive brand typography and design. Bold, italics, or variable, trust reputable font designers at Fontfabric and commission new styles to your desired typeface.

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Custom Weights Widths Font Styles Design - Fontfabric
Typeface Character Set Extensions - Fontfabric

Character Set Extensions

Sometimes, brand type requires additional features such as extra characters, new glyphs, custom graphemes, small caps, swashes, multiple figure sets (also old-style & lining figures), alternate characters, ornaments, or any other symbol. Fontfabric offers the know-how and reputation so you expand typographic possibilities and toolkit.

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Font Hinting Service

Professional font instructing by Fontfabric fine-tunes typeface legibility, physical rendering on screen throughout devices and size. Expert font hinting achieves outstanding performance at low resolutions to guarantee you clear and legible type.

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Font Hinting Service - Fontfabric
Font Spacing & Kerning Service - Fontfabric

Font Spacing & Kerning

Say goodbye to uneven glyph spacing and misaligned letters. Say hello to a professional and polished looks, all the way to the last grapheme. Perfect typeface positioning and kerning keeps characters in the right place for Fontfabric forges visually appealing and easy to read type.

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Lettering & Handwriting Service

The hand-crafted style of custom typography, calligraphy, and custom lettering distinguish businesses and brands for centuries. Harness typography history and work with Fontfabric to craft powerful branding and signature appeal.

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Font Lettering & Handwriting Services - Fontfabric

Typography by Fontfabric

Re-brand, refresh or introduce a new visual identity. Type designer experience at Fontfabric guarantees you a robust type design process, purpose-fit typography, beautiful fonts and professional tools for visual communication.

Expand character sets with Latin and non-Latin families, add or program advanced OpenType features, master visual hierarchy. Fontfabric typeface extensions can add font weights to your type families, extend language and script and improve on-screen legibility.

Fontfabric provides typographical expertize in family pairing, terms of use and licensing, font selection of specific-purpose typeface families, be it long texts, titles, signage systems, print, digital environments, like apps, video, components of user interface (UI), operating system, or other applications or elements of typography.

Audit of character sets, glyph names, Unicode ranges, have horizontal and vertical metrics refactored, performance tests, glyph replacement, rules for specific languages, and more.